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About Us
Xiangtan Evergreen is a professional Chinese supplier specializing in the manufacturing of parts and components for the waste industry.The conmpany's business scope includes but is not limited to: Container parts, Roll-off container parts, Roll-off hoist parts, Caster, Caster parts, Ratchet binder, Ratchet Strap, Safety, etc. As a industrial and t...
    • Raw Material Shop

      Here are the workshop in which we store our raw materials including round & solid steel tube and steel plate etc.

    • Stamping Shop

      This is our stamping shop where different specifications of punching machines standing side by side. A professional group for mould maintenance and periodic inspection on machines help us stabilze quality of our stampings.

    • Welding Shop

      Our welding shop now has 16 welding booths including several auto-welding machine.Our welding group consists of skilled and experienced workers,which make our weldments firm and clean.

    • Automatic tube cutting machine

      We use it cutting rollers and alxes automatically.

    • NC punching & feeding machine

      This machine automatically transports materials through numerical control technology and automatically presses according to written procedures, reducing labor costs and making products more standardized.

    • Auto-welding machine

      We have several sets of automatic welding machines, just need to place accessories to their right place, machines wil do the rest.Saving labor costs and improving the quality of welding products.

    • Shot blast machine

      Shot blasting machine uses high-speed projectile to clean and strengthen the casting.

    • Bending machine

      Bending machine, easy to operate, very suitable for bottom.

    • Q
      Are you a trade company?

      We started as a trade company in 2005 after reformation of state-owned enterprises and our core business was casters at that time.To meet the growing demands from our clients in new business area,we expanded our scope to parts of waste industries and invested 30% company share of a machinery factory in 2011 and 20% of a casting factory in 2017.Now we have gained more advantages than before.

    • Q
      What products do you supply?

      We provide casters and various parts of waste industries.
      · Container parts.
      · Roll-off container parts.
      · Roll-off Hoist parts.
      · Ratchet Binder. · Caster parts.

    • Q
      Do you produce them all?

      Most of them are manufactured by our own factories,expect some special styles.We will ask our partners for help all over China.

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    Why Choose Us
    • We Provide Everything

      In principle,we can provide everything for you.This is our advantage as a trade company.We are delighted to help you.

    • Low Threshold For Single product

      Lack of volume for single product? Take it easy,we set low threshold for you.In fact,we feel honor to be a supermarket for you.

    • Competitive Price

      With a joint stock trustworthy intimate interlaced supplier net covered,competitive price is not a problem.

    • Negotiable Freight

      Freight is negotiable.We are faithful to provide you better prices because of our several loyal cooperative transport companies.

    • Supreme Service

      Service is supreme.We will keep updating it for you from the moment you placed one to the end of goods confirmation.

    • Quality Control

      We had set up our own quality inspection standards for each product.We do our best to guarantee the quality of your cargoes.

    • After-Sale Service

      Any quality problems you find and point out,we are gonna tackle them immediately and make it right by replacing,reshipping,refunding them.

    • Rational Allocation of Resources

      We can allocate resources for you with a best balance among price,quality,delivery and your special requirement.



    Address:Flat 9,Tongyue Park, Common People Garden,Shaoshan Eastroad No.50,Yuhu District,Xiangtan,Hunan Province,China