• Stamping Shop

    This is our stamping shop where different specifications of punching machines standing side by side. A professional group for mould maintenance and periodic inspection on machines help us stabilze quality of our stampings.

  • Welding Shop

    Our welding shop now has 16 welding booths including several auto-welding machine.Our welding group consist of skilled and experienced workers,which make our weldments firm and clean.

  • Storage Shop

    We especially keep over 20000 square foot for our goods storage.We divided into different zones according to production classification as our website shows. 

  • NC punching & feeding machine

    This machine automatically transports materials through numerical control technology and automatically presses according to written procedures, reducing labor costs and making products more standardized.

  • Shot blast machine

    Shot blasting machine uses high-speed projectile to clean and strengthen the casting.

  • Auto-welding machine

    We have several sets of automatic welding machines, just need to place accessories to their right place, machines wil do the rest.Saving labor costs and improving the quality of welding products.

  • Bending machine

    Bending machine, easy to operate, very suitable for bottom.

  • Electric furnace

    We use electric furnaces and pneumatic sand blasting machine to ensure the standardization of castings.